Anthony Simister Blog 2

Anthony Simister Blog 2.

Anthony Simister is a freelance web designer based in Manchester. This is my second blog post.

Your customers are on a journey. This starts with them searching for something that they need on Google. They’ll probably get millions of websites returned, and that’s too much choice. Chances are they won’t leave the first page of options. And maybe they won’t even look at more than the top couple of sites. Anthony Simister can help.

Your website needs to be in those top sites if you’re going to get a look in. And to do this, you need to optimize your content to help search engines to find you.

The key to bringing people through your digital doorway is search engine optimization. And your company needs a strategy to manage this.

A website is nothing without traffic – Anthony Simister.

If your company has a website – which it very much should – then it is absolutely essential you have a blog. A blog has numerous benefits; not only does it showcase the expertise of your brand and the knowledge of your employees, but it also helps your website to climb up Google’s search rankings.

The key is to create content that your audience finds truly valuable. So how exactly should you go about creating a blog that your audience connects with? Anthony Simister will tell you.

When writing a blog post you are attempting to showcase your expertise so that potential customers will commit to a purchase, or will want to utilise your services. However, don’t attempt to reach them by brazenly pushing what you sell, rather, state what challenges they will help to solve.

Make a decision as to how often you will update your blog – once a week or once a fortnight, for example – and then stick to it. Not only will this show your audience that you value consistency, but it will also help you climb Google’s rankings faster.


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